There are many species of fungi but within the domestic property infections, in our experience, are commonly known as and are referred to as wet and dry rot.

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For both, and indeed any wood rotting fungi, there needs to be an initial causation – this is raised moisture levels. Some of the causes of this excess moisture may be:

  • Rising dampness.
  • Penetrative dampness.
  • Poor sub-floor ventilation.
  • Internal pipe leaks, such as radiators etc.

Therefore, Actions Required:

  • Surveyor would need to undertake an inspection and where possible and permissible with client, would “open up” areas for inspection. It is imperative to ascertain as much information through this process as is practicable so that the extent of the infection can be best assessed.
  • After initial survey inspection, observations will be submitted in written form where the subsequent recommendations and methodology/treatment can be put forward.


  • Operatives will expose affected areas as per report and specification.
  • Removal of all defective timbers and effect the appropriate repairs.
  • Treat retained timbers within treatment area and renewed sections of timber would be of a pre-treated nature.
  • Masonry would be treated with appropriate HSE approved biocides.
  • Replastering of wall areas would subsequently be carried out with appropriate chemically formulated render.