J.H Garlick Limited specialists in providing damp proofing solutions in Kent & the south east areas  treating all forms of damp, rising damp, penetrating damp as well as eradicating wet and dry rot.

From comprehensive survey investigation and report, damp proof course installations, wood treatment, structural waterproofing and tanking, using cavity drain and cementitious systems. Get in touch with one of the best damp proofing companies in Kent.

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Damp Proofing Kent Specialists


We provide a comprehensive damp survey service which is undertaken by our CSRT qualified surveyors and provides information on current damp issues and will identify any areas of concern for potential damp problems, which can include:

Rising Damp

Rising dampness is normally associated with older properties where the absence or the breakdown of an existing DPC which has allowed moisture to rise up through the building fabric through brick and mortar – this action is referred to as capillary rise.

With this rise the moisture carries soluble ground salts including nitrates and chlorides. These salts are left behind when the water evaporates and forms a salt band which attracts further moisture from the atmosphere preventing the wall from fully drying out. Detecting rising damp early is important as left untreated it could cause structural damage to brickwork, concrete and wood.

Wet and Dry Rot

This is caused by a combination of damp conditions, rising damp, penetrating dampness and an absence of proper ventilation which leads to fungal decay of building timber both old and new. These damp conditions are perfect for the growth of mould and fungus, which damage the wood and can even spread to adjoining brick walls or plaster. Explore dry and wet rot treatments by the best Damp Proofing Companies in Kent.

Penetrative Dampness

This occurs when water penetrates a building (horizontally) through walls, roofing or even through window reveals and is usually due to damaged guttering, downpipes or roof flashing. Typical signs of penetrating damp include discoloured, damp areas on the walls, ceiling and floors, and weakening of plastering. Older buildings are generally more vulnerable to penetrating damp as they are less likely to have cavity walls, which provide more protection.

Penetrative dampness is another destructive problem which can often be resolved quite quickly after the initial causation has been identified. Some of the causes are listed below:

  • High ground levels.
  • Defective rainwater systems (guttering).
  • External masonry, pointing and render defects.
  • Blocked cavities.

Good building practice often will resolve a lot of these issues, though it is important to dry out the fabric of the building quickly in conjunction with any external repairs.

It is also necessary to repair any timber inside your property that may have been in contact with moisture that has entered the property laterally, therefore has been transferred through the substrate/wall.

Our damp proofing Kent surveyors, in conjunction with their inspection, will inspect adjacent timbers and will put forward a programme for works for any corrective treatment and/or repair.

If you’re looking for a Damp Proofing Companies Kent based, get in contact today with our Damp Proofing Kent specialists today on 0800 0966 941.