Basement conversions are a popular way to create additional space in your home by adapting an existing cellar or basement into a dry, useable space.

From utility rooms and playrooms through to home gyms and even spas. Freeing up underground space – either through new build projects or refurbishment works – can transform homes, creating flexible living opportunities which make the most of the land available underfoot

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An important consideration of any basement conversion is the prevention of any water entering the basement, known as waterproofing.

At JH Garlick Ltd, we specialise in various systems as part of our basement waterproofing Kent service:

  • Cavity drain membrane system (CDM) including sump pump introduction.
  • Cementitious multi-coat system.

Our work is tailored to your requirements and therefore:

  • We can organise all preparatory works and subsequent waterproofing and conversion of any sub-floor space (basements, cellars and vaults) upto & including subsequent re-decoration.
  • This Company can also introduce the neccessary waterproofing system and can liaise with your own nominated building contractors and various trades which is common when working with our commercial clients.

Also, as regards to surveys, whether it is appropriate we could add the following:


Our qualified Surveyors carry out thorough inspections and attend to areas of your initial concern, whether these are to isolated areas or full house inspections. We submit written observations and recommendations and if appropriate an estimate for remedial measures deemed to be required. Please contact us with any such requirements.

Advantages of Basement Waterproofing

Increased The Value Of Your Home By waterproofing your basement; you are adding another useable living space to your home which would otherwise be simply an area for storage. Adding another healthy, useable room can give your home a more comfortable feel and will almost certainly help to increase its value.

Reduction In Energy Used It takes more energy to heat a damp basement than it does heat one that has been sufficiently waterproofed. Proper waterproofing will also seal any cracks and will help to prevent cold air from getting in.

Healthier Living Space Damp basements provide the perfect environment for mould and mildew growth. By properly waterproofing and heating your basement, you can reduce the growth of both mould and mildew, resulting in a healthier living space for you and your family.

If you would like to enquire about our damp proofing or basement waterproofing Kent services, please Contact Us